Westland Whiskey Single Malt Colere 750mL 1st Edition a clear glass bottle with a white and red label with a red top

Westland Whiskey Single Malt Colere 750mL 1st Edition

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Nose: Roasted pineapples commingle with a floral character on the nose with Life cereal, grape soda, cookie dough, and roasted almond notes joining. Palate: The pineapple headlines a fruity palate with original Wheat Thins, black pepper, and fig bar, and gingerbread cake driven by the malt. The first Edition of Colere marks a monumental step forward for not just Westland but the whiskey industry as a whole. This is the first in what will be an ongoing annual inquiry into unique varieties of barley bred outside the commodity system with flavor first as a goal. Colere Edition 1 is made with the varietal that began it all, Alba (a six-row winter barley) and intentionally matured in only used casks to relegate the oak influence to a supporting role and focus the attention on the grain itself.


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