Rucolino Amaro Ischia Sapori 700mL a tall slender clear glass bottle with a white label and red top

Rucolino Amaro Ischia Sapori 700mL

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“Rucolino” Amaro alla Rucola is made from Arugula leaves along with citrus peel, herbs, and roots. Amber, with dark orange hues, the liqueur recalls notes of citrus fruit, cedar, and subtle caramel. Lively on the palate and with a pleasingly bitter aftertaste. The name Rucolino comes from rucola or arugula, Eruca Sativa, the leaves of which are employed to make this liqueur. It is the first of its kind and a registered trademark.


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  • I'm interested in buying some Rucolino Amaro. Do you ship to Virginia? Thanks.

    Unfortunately we no longer ship to VA, however we do ship to DC and MD, any Walgreens or FedEx location will hold your package for you. Hope this helps.