Peg Leg Porker Bourbon: Now Available at Arthur Cantina!

a bottle of 4yr peg leg porker, a white label with red top
Championship Bourbon Whiskey

Over the past decade, Singapore has undergone a remarkable transformation in the world of cocktails and spirits. Long known for the iconic but overly sweet Singapore Sling served at the legendary Raffles Hotel, the city-state has now become a global hub for mixology and whiskey aficionados alike. The change has been so significant that the city is currently hosting the World's 50 Best Bars competition, marking its first departure from Europe. One name that's taking center stage in this newfound cocktail culture is Peg Leg Porker Bourbon and Rye.

Gone are the days when the Singapore cocktail scene was solely associated with the Singapore Sling. Today, Singapore boasts numerous world-class drinking establishments, with many gracing the prestigious World's 50 Best Bars list. This city's rising prominence in the world of mixology is a testament to its ever-evolving palate and dedication to the art of crafting fine drinks.

But what truly makes Singapore stand out is its commitment to celebrating and judging the spirits used to create these exceptional cocktails. Since 2019, the city has been home to the Singapore World Spirits Competition (SWSC), an annual event organized by the Tasting Alliance, the same group responsible for the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The SWSC has become one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in Asia, attracting some of the region's most esteemed palates to evaluate hundreds of spirits from various categories.

Earlier this year, the 2023 Singapore World Spirits Competition unveiled its list of winners, and one name stood out, particularly in the bourbon category: Peg Leg Porker. While relatively obscure to most American whiskey enthusiasts, this Tennessee Bourbon made a significant mark by claiming the top spot at the SWSC. If you're a bourbon aficionado, Peg Leg Porker is a brand that demands your attention.

Peg Leg Porker's award-winning Tennessee Bourbon is aged between four and six years in virgin charred oak barrels. The distinctive name was coined by its founder, the award-winning pitmaster Carey Bringle, who aimed to create a whiskey that perfectly complemented barbecue. As you raise a glass to your lips, you'll immediately detect the enticing aromas of caramel and honey on the nose. The palate reveals smoky and tangy notes, underpinned by a nutty mouthfeel that adds complexity to each sip, leading to a memorable finish.

While the label may not explicitly state it, the liquid is most likely sourced from the renowned George Dickel distillery in Tullahoma, Tennessee, with its characteristic 84% corn mashbill, a telltale sign. The bourbon likely underwent a charcoal mellowing process before being aged in barrels, which imparts a distinct smoothness to the whiskey. Just before bottling, it's filtered through hickory charcoal, further contributing to its easy-drinking essence, with a proof point of 90.

What's truly remarkable about Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight Bourbon is its outstanding value. If you happen to find it on the shelves near its suggested retail price of $49.99 per bottle, consider it a bargain. Online, it's already fetching prices as high as $100, showcasing its growing popularity. While it's a natural pairing with pulled pork and cornbread, it also surprisingly complements Singaporean favorites like laksa and chili crab.

As the world's attention turns to Singapore as a premier destination for cocktails and spirits, Peg Leg Porker Bourbon has emerged as a standout example of the quality and innovation coming from this vibrant city. This Tennessee Bourbon, with its rich flavors and unique character, is proof that the world of whiskey is constantly evolving, and Peg Leg Porker is leading the way. Whether you're in Singapore or anywhere else, this is a whiskey worth exploring, and once you do, you'll understand why it's making waves in the world of spirits. And now, you can enjoy Peg Leg Porker Bourbon at Arthur Cantina!

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