Yellowstone Bourbon 2022 Limited Edition 750mL
Yellowstone Bourbon 2022 Limited Edition 750mL

Yellowstone Bourbon 2022 Limited Edition 750mL

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Yellowstone Limited Edition

Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey

While each release of Yellowstone Limited Edition is different, one thing always remains the same: a promise of top-shelf flavor with humble complexities. This year’s offering features a delicately balanced blend of 7-year, 15-year and 16-year-aged bourbons, finished in Marsala Superiore casks. Marsala Superiore is a dry, sweet wine produced in Italy and imparts tangy flavors of dried fruits and citrus.

The 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition is sold in custom-designed bottles featuring embossing and a high-end natural cork, making it a natural fit for the Limestone Branch family of spirits.

Proof: 101 (50.5% Alc/Vol)

Tasting Notes

Dried apricots, manuka honey and complemented by hints of tobacco.
Dark brown sugar notes mixed with dried fruit, walnut and dates followed by hints of vanilla
Lingering with Palm Sugar and Tamarind

New Year, New Bourbon

Every year since 2015, Limestone Branch has produced a limited-edition bourbon that is a little bit different than what everyone else is doing.

So far, the annual Yellowstone Limited Edition bottlings have included as many as three bourbons used in a blend and bourbon aged in wine casks, in re-charred wine casks, and even wine casks charred three different times.

Conditioning for the next release is still underway, with periodic tastings to determine when the bottles will be ready. But stay tuned, because this next bourbon release — like all the ones before it — promises to be unforgettable.


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