Whistle Pig The Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu's Pacific 750mL a black box behind a clear glass bottle that's shaped with rounded shouldered and a squat bottle with a small neck in front are two cork toppers with a pig and a sword on each one

Whistle Pig The Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu's Pacific 750mL

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Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly Unique From Anything We’ve Done Before. Stupendous.

An epic sequel to the World’s Best Rye, The Boss Hog VIII: LapuLapu’s Pacific completes our journey around the world, unfurling a chronicle as rich and bold as the whiskey itself.

Upon crossing the Pacific, Captain Magellan met his fate at the hands of the legendary Filipino warrior LapuLapu. A fierce and vociferous defender of independence, LapuLapu led his island home against the Spaniards. There he forged a successful fortification, staving off colonial occupation for more than forty years.

In honor of our new hero, this rare edition sees a double finish in high toast, small batch, single island Philippine Rum casks, adding layers of warm spice and delicate tropical notes to an already deeply complex, well aged Rye Whiskey. LapuLapu’s Pacific is a profound statement of strength and independence, a spectacular sequel to Magellan’s Atlantic.

This rare and outstandingly complex whiskey is barrel strength, bottled between 104.8 and 106.6 proof.

Discover more and register your bottle at: TheBossHogVIII.com.


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