Vecchia Romagna Black 750mL a small squat triangular clear glass bottle with a gold top

Vecchia Romagna Black 750mL

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Ours is a path of growth resulting from a constant search for excellence, which from 1820 to today has led us to be the best-selling brandy born in Italy in the world. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century , in France, the Bouton family has dedicated itself to the noble distillatory art by enriching formulas and secrets with a precious notebook destined to be handed down from generation to generation: the Bouton Recipe Book. The success of their distillates is likely to earn him the title of suppliers of the imperial house of Napoleon . With the fall of the regime, the most talented of his heirs, Jean Bouton, decided to undertake a long trip to Italy, bringing with him the famous family recipe book.


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