Vecchia Romagna 25yr 750mL an open black and golden box with a flat surfaced short round shouldered clear glass bottle inside with a golden top

Vecchia Romagna 25yr 750mL

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Founded in 1885, Gruppo Montenegro is a leading Italian spirits and food manufacturer. The Group’s brands have developed into icons of the “Made in Italy” label with strong brand equity and significant cultural relevance: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Bonomelli Infusions, Infre Decaf Tea, Cuore Corn Oil, Cannamela Spices, Polenta Valsugana, Catari Instant Pizza. Icons of the “Made in Italy” label, our brands are the result of the constant pursuit of excellence, respect for tradition and attention to product quality and sustainability, all values that have defined Gruppo Montenegro since its foundation. Thanks to a robust national and international distribution network, today the Group’s brands continue to be true ambassadors of Italian culture and tradition in over 70 countries around the world.


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