Sorrentino Lacryma Christi Rosso 750mL a tall dark glass wine bottle with a large white label and a white top
Sorrentino Lacryma Christi Rosso 750mL the backside of a tall dark glass wine bottle with a white label and a white top

Sorrentino Lacryma Christi Rosso 750mL

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Piedirosso and Aglianico Pompeiano Sorrentino from Napoli Italia

The legend goes that when Lucifer was expelled from Paradise, he managed to steal a piece of that heavenly land, forming the Gulf of Naples. Saddened by this loss, Jesus Christ began to weep, shedding tears directly onto Vesuvius. From these sacred tears grew the vines and grapes with an angelic flavor, which we call Lacryma Christi. This ancient legend is just one of the many stories surrounding our Vesuvian wine, a nectar of the gods with deep roots in history.

The ancient rulers of the world fully developed the winemaking potential of this volcanic land, planting the vines called Vesuvio, from which Lacryma Christi originates.

The volcanic soil is a gift from nature, bestowing upon Vesuvian vines and everything that grows on Vesuvius a unique distinctive characteristic. The soil composition varies based on the volcano's slope and the type of eruption. In our vineyards located on the southwest slope, the abundance of lava flows has enriched the soil, making it fertile, porous, and well-drained. This not only provides a natural defense against pathogens but also preserves the health of our vines.

In harmony with nature, we've embraced an organic approach in vine cultivation. We respect the environment and the land, recognizing that sustainability is crucial for producing healthy, high-quality products. We promote the growth of spontaneous microflora, a balanced guardian of our soil, while the introduction of favino, rich in nitrogen, reinforces the vines in spring. Thus, our wine reflects the symbiosis between volcanic nature and our commitment to sustainability, offering a palate a story of land and passion in every sip.


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