Siete Leguas Siete Décadas Blanco 750ml a large round shouldered clear glass bottle with a white label and round wooden top

Siete Leguas Siete Décadas Blanco 750ml

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Made of Agave Criollo


Agave Criollo: Agave grown in the wild.

On the hillsides, where the slopes are steep, the agaves criollos grow wild "in nature’s hands". Here, the plant depends on rainwater and ripens more slowly, producing a smaller but richer piña.

After an extended period - up to 10 years - it is the turn of the jimadores of Casa Siete Leguas, who will face the challenges of mother nature - just as the agaves did - by performing the jima in a heroic way among the steep slopes.

Our people’s hands transform the fruit of the agave -the piña- into this unique tequila with which we celebrate the first seventy years of our house.

Thank you for being part of this Celebration.

Bottle Tequila Siete Leguas


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