Punch Abruzzese Jannamico 1L

Punch Abruzzese Jannamico 1L

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Born as an artificial and rare ingredient in confectionery preparation and as an alcoholic beverage that closes a hearty and quality meal. His versatility was immediately evident: appreciated by the chefs of the time. Success came precisely in the version of liquor to drink at the end of a meal as a digestive, with ice, hot in winter, poured into milk or ice cream. Starting from the use of beet sugar, transformed into caramel as an indispensable component for the realization of the Punch, it was easy to find the right essences between the East, the Americas and our great Maiella. This liqueur received the highest international honors from 1898 to 1912.


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  • The Punch Abruzzese Jannamico your advert says 1 litre bottle, is this correct for $32.99 USD?.. How long is delivery approximate to Melbourne Australia

    Yes it is 1 Liter and yes its for the low low price of $32.99, unfortunately we do not ship internationally at the moment.