Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany 192º 750mL a slender clear glass bottle with a white and green label and green top

Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany 192º 750mL

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It is of very high clarity in regards to its chemical content, and is of a very gentle smell and taste. It’s made of raw materials grown and processed exclusively in Poland. It’s used among other things to prepare home-made fruit and herbal liqueurs, vodkas as well as cakes and for medical purposes


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  • HI, I want to purchase this product for flower preservation home craft. Is it legally for me to order it from you and have it ship by you to Maryland. I am aware of the 21 year old rule and I will be available to sign up at the delivery. I am of a legal age for purchase. Thank you.

    Yes we can ship to you, no problem.

  • Hello, Im in need of a cheap source of solvent for extraction that is able to be stored in the freezer and thought this was a perfect alternative to pure ethanol. Do you guys/gals ship to MI?

    Unfortunately we do no ship to Michigan, the state does not allow us to do so.