Petrus Boonekamp Amaro Bitter 750mL a flat surfaced squarish clear glass bottle with a black, gold, and red label with a large red top

Petrus Boonekamp Amaro Bitter 750mL

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Petrus Boonekamp is the father of all the bitters since 1777.  It has been produced for centuries according to the ancient original recipe of the Dutch family Boonekamp. Petrus Boonekamp, famous Dutch liqueur maker, born in 1734, made this bitter for the first time in 1777 in Leidshendam by infusing rare herbs and botanicals grown in all the continents.  Since then the fame of the Bitter Petrus Boonekamp has spread rapidly around the world. 

To be drunk neat at room temperature as an after meal or as a shot with your friends.



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