Morandini Limoncello 700mL a frosted glass bottle with a blueish label and the image of a lady on it with a blue top

Morandini Limoncello Cream 700mL

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Creamy yellow and viscous, this proffers a mild lemon scent. Most of the lemon-peel flavor emerges on the finish, plus a hint of cardamom. Flavorful and very fragrant liqueur, obtained through an infusion of lemon rind. Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after dinner digestive. The history of the Morandini is traced to 1855 in Valcamonica, a land which has always been deeply rooted in its own traditions. Typical local liquors and spirits have always been for the population of this valley, a unique link with nature around it. With passion and devotion, Morandini has used this experience to prepare its unmistakable spirits.


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  • Am looking for the picture on you bottle, is there anyway you buy the picture to hang over a bar

    I am not sure where you can purchase this but we only sell wine and liquor, good luck!