Liquorice Liqueur 750mL a squat dark glass bottle with high rounded shoulders and black label and black top

Liquorice Liqueur 750mL

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Tasting Notes

Calabria has been world renowned for the production of licorice, the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. This root yields a product sweet and earthy. Most Americans think of Anise as the flavor when eating licorice, but this flavor is vastly different than what the actual licorice root tastes like. Thankfully, the Calabrian Distilleria Caffo gives us this great example of real licorice. Enjoy as a modifier in an old fashioned or with soda. Salute!The history of the Caffo family business dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, when Master Distiller Giuseppe Caffo began distilling. His sons founded what has become Grupo Caffo, distilling a small range of spirits from grape (i.e. grappa). The Caffo brothers soon began producing and earning recognition for their fruit and herbal liqueurs and classic Italian spirits. Today, their approach remains driven by ingredients and agriculture, and Grupo Caffo operates estate farms in Calabria and Sicily, solely to supply their spirit productions.


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