Jagermeister Manifest 1L a large flat faced squared clear glass bottle with white lettering and a black top
Jagermeister Manifest 1L the backside of a tall flat surfaced squared clear glass bottle with white lettering and a deer head etched into the glass

Jagermeister Manifest 1L

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THE THINGS WE DARE TO DO Uncompromising belief in the extraordinary has always been our credo. It’s given us the drive to do things our own way since 1878. It’s an attitude that manifests itself in our latest creation. Based on our original elixir, we’ve crafted a truly special flavour that put Jägermeister again in a class of its own: We call it Jägermeister Manifest.

THE RULES WE REWRITE The hunt for unique flavours takes time and patience, but most of all it takes the skill and creativity to rewrite the rules. That’s why we’ve rigorously reworked our entire production process to turn new thinking into the distinctive oaky character of Manifest.

THE OFFBEAT SPIRIT WE EMBRACE The best discoveries are always found on the road less travelled. It’s led us to embrace a method of extracting and balancing aromas that’s matched by none. By transforming our maceration and aging processes, our master distillers have successfully created another true original; a taste both familiar and extraordinary.

THE TRUTH WE STAND FOR Heritage should never be a restriction, but a stage to build upon. That’s why Manifest remains rooted to our legacy. It is based on the original elixir of 56 botanical ingredients – unchanged since its invention. The profound difference in taste speaks to the mastery of our distillers.

THE TASTE WE SAVOUR We created Manifest for those who can taste the time, effort and process that goes into a crafted elixir. The highly complex and distinctively mature finish lingers long after it’s been knocked back, making Manifest a truly unique beast – a shot to be savoured. Serve slightly chilled and experience it for yourself.


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