Gjergj Kastrioti 750mL Vranc
Gjergj Kastrioti 750mL Vranc

Gjergj Kastrioti 750mL Vranc

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Ever since ancient Arbëria of Skenderbeg, and to this day, the handpicked grapes in albanian wineries, are looked after as a precious treasure. Amid passion and history, Stone Castle is home to a winemaking culture of many years. Stone Castle proudly grows Vranç, the grapes of ancient origin, to produce a noble wine with a tradition passed on generation after generation and dedicated to our hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu: the Albanian prince of Arbëria, the symbol of national unification. It is a high quality wine with protected geographic origin. The handpicked grapes are of autochthonous variety and they are cultivated at the altitude of 350 – 450 meters on the hilltops of Stone Castle Vineyards. The wine is produced with special fermentation tanks then stored in American Hungarian Oak barrels for 9 months.


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  • Where can I buy this in Staten Island NY

    I can only speak for the Bronx, you can buy it from us Arthur Cantina 2380 Arthur Avenue Bronx NY 10458

  • Is this a true Albanian wine

    It is made in Kosovo.