Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur 750mL a clear slender bottle with an orange liquid and a light blue label
Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur 750mL the back side of a clear slender bottle with an orange liquid and a light blue label

Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur 750mL

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Tradicion Familiar 1740

Hecho en la Republica Dominicana 750mL

Estate Grown & Hand Crafted Valle de Chinola: from Vine to Bottle

There exists a place, a secluded valley where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet in the Dominican Republic. A place with fertile, mountain-lined valleys, where some of the world's most unique passion fruit grows. A place where Valle de Chinola, our passion fruit vineyards, call home.

Passion fruit is widely referred to as maracuya throughout Latin America, except in the Dominician Republic where this local treasure is termed Chinola. Our sustainable plantations and unique varietals are a showcase on responsible agriculture at its finest. Our chinola are meticulously grown and harvested by rows to maximize yield and quality. The vibrant fruit varies in shade, each carefully selected and hand-crafted into raw juice in a fashion inspired by wine making techniques. Then, employing and old-world blending style, the juice is made into an incredibly flavorful and refreshing natural liqueur to be enjoyed on many occasions.

Chinola's tropical aroma, subtle sweetness and natural acidity, marry with the texture of its pulp to create a versatile unique liqueur, that can be mixed with your favorite spirit to make a unique cocktail; or, simply enjoy its as an aperitif or in a spritzer. Shake well and served chilled.

Because Chinola is always made with 100% raw passion fruit, you may notice Chinola's distinctive black seeds settled in the bottle.

Shake Well & Serve Chill

Produced and bottle for Chinola, LLC

Imported by Park Street Imports, LLC, Miami, FL

Made in the Dominican Republic


Ask a Question
  • After opening, must it be refrigerated? How long after opening must it be consume thank you

    It doesnt have to be refrigerated but I would recommend to do so just on the side of caution.

  • How long after opening can you still drink chinola

    I would refrigerate it to be on the safe side, since it has alcohol I would say its fine to consume for a few months.