Bocelli Sangiovese 750ml a dark wine bottle with white labeling

Bocelli Sangiovese 750ml

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When grandfather Alcide Bocelli (pronounced “al-CHEE-day”) was running the family farm in the 1930’s, he made the wine, grew the wheat, and branded the cattle with his initials, “AB.” When his son was born, the practical and humorous pappa decided to name his boy Alessandro Bocelli, in part so he wouldn’t have to change the “AB” brand on all his cattle. When his sons were born, Alessandro decided to name his boys Andrea and Alberto, keeping the “AB” tradition alive. Both boys grew up on the farm, and learned to raise animals, grow grains, ride horses, and most importantly, make wine. Despite having his sight impaired from birth, and ultimately losing it as a young boy, Andrea threw himself into his family’s estate with a full passion. Alberto, his younger brother and closest friend, was his constant companion, and together, the two young men worked hard, played hard, and learned the ways of their farm. They helped fill their family table with farm-fresh food, classic Tuscan red wine, and yes, music. The whole family enjoys singing, laughing, and sharing meals; to be at the Bocelli family table is to celebrate life.


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