Amicale 750ml a dark glass wine bottle with a beige label and a maroon top
Amicale 750ml the backside of a dark glass wine bottle with a beige label and a maroon top.

Amicale 750ml

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Amicone is obtained thanks to a unique blend of selected grapes cultivated in the Veneto region. This blend is made with grapes such as Corvina, Rondinella e Molinara which are the typical varieties cultivated in this region. Some grapes undergo the particular process of overripe in the vineyards instead and the fermentation in stainless steel tanks follows. Only authorized red grapes from Veneto are used and a part of them goes into a slow maturation process in tonneau. This is the secret for obtaining this vinous, soft and well balanced product with hints of spices and chocolate. Before bottling, the blend remains in stainless steel tank for a certain period of time.


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  • Is Amicone same as AMARONE

    No, amicone is a valpolicella from the same region, it is lush and velvet. Amarone is a wine of a higher quality.