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Do You Know Who Invented Wine?

Whenever you’re sipping your favorite Italian red, have ever given thought to the person who invented wine? Indeed, wine has withstood the test of time and has continued to evolve over the thousands of years it existed. To this day, it is part of everyday culture and it comes in more styles and flavors than one can imagine. Most of us are aware that the beverage has a rich, significant history. However, the topic of its origin has been subjected to much debate and interpretation. Is there anyone who truly know the inventor of wine? Can historians trace its origin? Nomadic Humans Historians had hypothesized that the nomadic, early humans would gather berries and fruits like wild grapes. When they...

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Go Ahead, Chill A Red Wine

Most of us were told that white wine should be chilled and reds should be served at room temperature. After all, the refreshing acid comes out when you chill white wine. Now, we typically serve the reds at room temperature to reduce the grainy tannins. The result is a smoother and richer wine. However, now and then, we can break the rules and still get satisfying results. So, despite conventional practice, you might still ask, “Should I chill red wine?” Well, yes, you can. However, it still depends on various factors that we’ll discuss in this blog post. Understand the Basics First Even if you plan to break the rules in serving and storing red wine, you should still learn...

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Got Leftover Wine? Here Are Some Fun Ways to Use It!

At Arthur Cantina Wine & Liquor, we make sure that every drop of wine we provide are so rich and delicious. We’d like to believe that you, our valued clients, would finish every bottle you order from us. That said, we know that some nights of merriment can lead us to some extra bottles that we forget to cork. Some people may say that you might as well pour the liquid down the drain. However, if you’re like us who do not want to waste the ‘nectar of the gods,’ you’d prefer less destructive methods. As such, we’ve put together this blog post to give you some tips on how you can efficiently deal with leftover wine.

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