Hibiki Whiskey Harmony 750ml a small circular round clear glass bottle with a white label and glass top
Hibiki Whiskey Harmony 750ml clear glass bottle with a white label

Hibiki Whiskey Harmony 750ml

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Nose : Beguiling aromas of apricots, orange blossom and marmalade, bolstered by subtle spiciness, too – cinnamon and clove. Elegant and seductive. Palate : The generous fruit continues on to the palate, with oranges and apricots in abundance. There’s a little peppery spice, but the soft, succulent fruit takes hold. Nice balance, and nicely crafted. Finish : The spiciness takes over from the fruit and lingers, along with a little barrel char.


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  • Would you ship a bottle of whiskey to Arizona and if so how much would that cost?

    Around $40, it is the same price to ship 1 bottle up until 6 bottles