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What Type of Wine Pairs Well With Fish?

It was often assumed that your options had to be extremely restricted to a flaky white fish and a dry white wine while considering a dinner menu that combines wine and fish. Several additional variations are just as mouthwatering and complex for the palate, though dry white wine and mild white fish make an outstanding pairing. When serving fish as the centerpiece of your meal, it's time to go beyond the dry white wine and consider the whole rainbow of wine offerings. Prosecco and Fried Fish While many agree that Prosecco, the sweet Italian sparkling white wine, should be combined with an equally sweet dish such as dessert, the two intense bursts of sweet flavor can often overpower the palate...

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What type of wine pairs well with red meat?

Wine with meat is a perfect way to improve both your drink and your food's flavors.  If you celebrate a special event such as an anniversary or a steakhouse promotion and eat a dry-age, Wagyu beef fillet, or you just live your best life and prepare a ribeye steak, it's all the easier to indulge when you know you have the perfect wine to match with your tender steak. Not an accomplished aficionado of wine? Not sure how to find or select between the best pairs of various styles of steak? Don’t worry. You can create a truly unforgettable flavor experience with a bit of simple know-how and knowledge about steak and wine, right in the comfort of your home...

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Got Leftover Wine? Here Are Some Fun Ways to Use It!

At Arthur Cantina Wine & Liquor, we make sure that every drop of wine we provide are so rich and delicious. We’d like to believe that you, our valued clients, would finish every bottle you order from us. That said, we know that some nights of merriment can lead us to some extra bottles that we forget to cork. Some people may say that you might as well pour the liquid down the drain. However, if you’re like us who do not want to waste the ‘nectar of the gods,’ you’d prefer less destructive methods. As such, we’ve put together this blog post to give you some tips on how you can efficiently deal with leftover wine.

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