Kammer Williams Brine Pear-in-Brandy 750mL

Kammer Williams Brine Pear-in-Brandy 750mL

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In 1909, the Parliament of the Grand-Duchy of Baden entrusted the Chamber of Agriculture with the creation of an experimental distillery in Oppenau. Its purpose was to produce pure and genuine brandies for sale all over the world and to bring fame to Baden's fruit brandies. Since its foundation, Kammer-Kirsch has had but one objective: the production of genuine and exquisite noble fruit brandies. To this day, continuous refinement remains the golden rule of the Kammer-Kirsch Distillery. To get the pear inside the bottle, in the spring, when the pear tree are ready to start growing their fruit, the glass bottles are attached with wires to the pear trees where the pears are forming. Then the pears are allowed to grow to full size and maturity inside of the glass bottle. In the fall, when the pears are finally ready, the bottles with the pears inside are harvested and the pear brandy (an eau de vie distilled from from pears) is poured into the bottles with the pears already inside.


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