PUNI Gold the Italian Malt Whisky 750mL a oddly shaped glass bottle with a taped top, top half of the bottle being a matte black and the bottom half being clear glass, standing next to a beige color tall box

PUNI Gold the Italian Malt Whisky 750mL

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PUNI distillery is Italy's first whisky distillery and lies in South Tyrol at the feet of the Italian alps. The ancient raetic name is taken from the nearby river Puni. The pure aline water, locally sourced grains, traditional copper pot stills from Scotland and bespoke maturation warehouses are the main elements for the creation of the first Italian Malt Whisky.

PUNI GOLD | The Italian Malt Whisky

GOLD is the classic style of the Italian Malt Whisky.  Matured exclusively in first fill Ex-Bourbon casks, GOLD is a fragrant and elegant whisky with a bright golden colour and a timeless character.

This whisky was matured in our above-ground warehouses, where the climatic differences between summer and winter have the biggest impact and accelerate the natural maturation rate.

During its maturation period GOLD develops an exquisite & mellow flavour profile, defined by a rich sweetness.  A harmonious marriage of summer fruits and sweet vanilla, completed by a beautiful touch of spicy oak.

vanilla | mango | pepper



1 - 39020 GLORENZA (BZ)


43% ALC/VOL 750ml


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