E.H. Taylor Bourbon Seasoned Wood 750mL
E.H. Taylor Bourbon Seasoned Wood 750mL

E.H. Taylor Bourbon Seasoned Wood 750mL

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NOSE:An immediate greeting of fruit that’s rather light, which is also an ample way of describing the overall intensity of the nose. Notes of dried berries, oak, and peach are present, but have a shyness to them. Vanilla and caramel are the dominant scents and even they aren’t very intense. There is a bit of depth to the nose but it does little to show itself off. You’ll have to actively focus on deconstructing the nose in order to discover them all, as they don’t come willingly. What it maybe lacking in intensity makes up for more than a little of it with it’s overall quality of the scents. PALATE:A fair amount of oak, butterscotch, and allspice that leans heavily on the nutty side. Oak is ever present throughout, but not to the point of overburdening the palate. The bourbon’s medium weight consistency carries tannins throughout that errs more on the astringent side and less on the bitter side. It’s surface-level complexity does little to keep my interest, as I find little to delight in here. An average palate from a brand known for much more.


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