Chartreuse Green 110 375ml

Chartreuse Green 110 375ml

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With hundreds of years of tradition and history, Chartreuse comes from a breathtaking, remote mountain monastery high in the French Alps. Produced as an act of devotion by the Carthusian order of monks, it’s now consumed in a similar act of devotion by many Americans! The formula for Chartreuse is complex and varied, including over 130 different types of mountain flowers, herbs, roots, and other botanicals. To maintain the historic secrecy, the formula is known only in part and only to three monks so that no single person is in possession of the entire recipe. Today Chartreuse liqueur has become a cult classic. Bartenders and mixologists across the country are constantly concocting fun, innovative drinks using this distinctive liqueur. Featured Cocktail: Breaking in the Monastery 3/4 oz yellow chartreuse 3/4 oz green chartreuse 1/2 simple syrup 4 lemon wedges 4 mint sprigs


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