Wyoming 1872 Whiskey 750mL
Wyoming 1872 Whiskey 750mL

Wyoming 1872 Whiskey 750mL

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There’s nothing quite like drinking bourbon around a roaring campfire at night, and now there’s the perfect whiskey to enjoy in that setting—Wyoming Whiskey 1872, a nine-year-old bourbon released to commemorate 150 years of grizzly bears, geysers and bison in the historic Yellowstone National Park (and yes, alcohol is permitted there).


Wyoming Whiskey is an excellent small distillery that has been making its own juice for over a decade in the town of Kirby (Edrington, the company behind brands like The Macallan, has owned a stake in the distillery since 2018). The team there makes wheated bourbon, meaning wheat is the secondary flavoring grain instead of rye (similar to well-known brands like Maker’s Mark and Pappy Van Winkle), and high-rye bourbon. But this new commemorative release, the oldest yet to come out of the distillery, is a blend of styles—specifically 93 percent wheated bourbon and 7 percent “ryed” bourbon to add a splash of spice. It’s made from non-GMO Wyoming grains and water from a local limestone aquifer, and bottled at a hefty 116 proof.


This is not the distillery’s first foray into celebrating Yellowstone, having released a pair of National Parks limited edition whiskeys over the past few years with proceeds going to benefit the National Parks Foundation. The sales from this pricy bottle will go towards Yellowstone Forever, an organization focused on preserving the natural integrity of our very first national park. The name 1872 refers to the year that President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act, and label features a photograph from William Henry Jackson depicting the park. “1872 is truly a collector’s edition,” said Wyoming Whiskey co-founder David DeFazio in a statement. “We are proud to honor the heritage of the place we call home and to help celebrate and preserve one of the most iconic and majestic outdoor spaces in our nation’s history.”

This is indeed a limited-edition bottle, with only 150 available in select markets including Wyoming, California, Colorado, New York and Georgia.


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