Chi-Chi's Margarita 1.75L
Chi-Chi's Margarita 1.75L

Chi-Chi's Margarita 1.75L

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Made with Tequila and Triple Sec 10% ALC/VOL

The best Margaritas start with Chi-Chi's. An individual drink just needs 8 ounces plus six to eight ice cubes in a blender. Or make a pitcher! Pour 2 1/2 cups into a blender, fill with ice and blend for 45 to 60 seconds. It's also great on the rocks!

Refrigerate after opening - Separation normal

Contains FD&C Yellow #5

Produced and bottled by Glenmore Distilleries - Owensboro, KY


Ask a Question
  • How is this being sold in grocery stores instead of liquor stores? Just curious- Delicious

    Every state is different, under a certain amount of alcohol will determine if a grocery store can sell it.

  • What are the ingrediency and calories ?

    sugar, flavoring, water, more sugar